Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense and progress wonderfully by keeping abreast of the fact. Proverbs 24:4(TLB)

The quote captured above comes straight from the Bible and there are many more that speaks on the subject of wisdom. But among the many, the one I like most is where it says “wisdom is the principal thing”.

These goes to show that wisdom is very important; possibly more important than wealth for it creates wealth, more important than health for it helps to sustain health, more important than strength for many strong men have fallen and only the wise reach Great heights.

In my journey of life, passing through all I have had to pass through, I have found wisdom to be my most important asset.

It is the application of wisdom that brought me into stardom in the organisation where I belong and still carry me through. One of my beloved mentor Pastor Peter once said “if you are not wise, you will not rise.”

We all have dreams and desires growing up. Some will reach it while others will crash along the way. But our success or failure will only really impact our life and others, who will directed ourself wisely.
Wisdom is the most important requirement for a living. Without it nothing can be sustained.

By way of definition wisdom has been defined as the ability to utilize knowledge and experience with common Sense and insight. It is the quality of being prudent and sensible. With wisdom we can make quality decisions and judgement, in the light of what we know or experience.
Wisdom is the key to critical problem solving. It helps us resolve crisis as well as sustain what we have done. Many people want to live on the miraculous but as I often advise – miracles can give you an overflow it is wisdom that keep it overflowing.
Without wisdom, leading your team at work or home becomes a stressful task. You see, leadership can be lonely but that is for those who do not apply the wisdom of taking others along in their journey. My frustration at leading men over the years came to an end when I realized that I did not need to know everything first and I did not even need to know everything. I also came to realize that all power must not rest on me and that if I did all I alone could and allow others do all the could do, the organization will run better. This way I will gain the trust of my team and also remove a major part of the stress I had so proudly carried in many ways.

You may want to ask me at this point how I was able to navigate to become a person of wisdom. I will share that in a few simple but sincere points.

1. The power of enquiry – Again the bible mentions that wisdom cries in the street. Only the inquisitive who go out to enquire will find wisdom. One thing about me is that I can be very curious. They say curiosity kills the cat; well I am not a cat. Curious people learn a lot gaining wisdom along the way through the many things they get to encounter.

2. The fear of the God – There is a universal being who not only owns but also run things in the universe we belong. He is supreme and He is sovereign. He made every one of us and also made everything we have seen on earth. Wisdom begins when we acknowledge and respect his opinion of what he made. How can you ever think that a car repairer will understand the car more than the manufacturer? Wisdom is taking the opinion of God and applying them to your life in the way it should be applied.

In concluding this part, may I share with you some wisdom I found in the life of David one of history’s greatest King

Never fight an unprofitable battle

Don’t leave any opportunity unexplored

Never use a tool until you understand how it works

Use your opportunity to build up rather than to pull down

Don’t fight with people in authority deal with the matter wisely

In all thy getting get wisdom.