A great man once said “when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”.

One of the subjects I love while in school was biology. I find it interesting that we were taught about different animals including the insects. Now if you live in Africa where I live, mosquitoes and flies are enemies. We killed them. Yet in my biology class, my teacher exposed me to what was called the economic importance of these insects. At first I and a few others I believe could not understand how that such disease carrying insects could be important but of course we got to understand better as we grew older.

Everything in life was designed to meet a need. That need is hid in their purpose. That’s what made these insects economically important.

God designed each one of us to meet a need, to fulfill a predetermined purpose on the earth. We are not here for just living and dying. We are here to leave a legacy and make impact and not to leave a vacancy.

There are five critical questions each person is excepted to ask sometime in their life time.

Who am I?

This question speaks to your identity. Knowing who you are is the first step to living the life you were designed for. The unfortunate thing is that many people mistake their identification mark for their identity. You are not what you are called. You are not what you do, you are who God says you are- the express image if the invincible God.

Where am I from? As humans, we find it easy to seek common grounds based on our “place of origin”. We align with certain people if they carry the passport we carry or just speak the language we speak.

Truth is we have our source in God. This crucial because your source determines your resources. Any time your link to the sources is broken resources run dry.

What do I have? This refers to your potentials; what you are capable of that you’ve not yet achieved.

Friends, you are loaded with great gifts and talents waiting to be revealed. Never make the mistake of eating yourself based on your performance which never equals your potential.

What can I do? What you can do pints to your ability. It’s what clearly shows your resources cause the designer equips you based on what he wants you to do. No matter how small what you can do is never despise it. In doing it, you are fulfilling what you are here for.

Why am I here? This is again a crucial question we must answer. Your why is the reason for you existence; it’s your reason for being. Your why is your purpose and without it, everything else is meaningless

Let me share with you what I’ve learnt about purpose. Your purpose comes to light when you find a mid point around these four things 1. What you love doing 2. What you are good at doing 3. What people need 4. What people can pay for. If these four don’t connect you may have a vocation, a mission, a profession, a hubby but not a purpose.

Now my biggest advise about finding purpose is to enquire from the manufacturer – God. No one knows the purpose for a product like the one who made it.